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The world's growing energy demand and energy consumption has become a central social, but also economic and political issue. The new challenges are to identify and control the energy consumption when utilizing the energy-saving potential. A prerequisite for this is the knowledge of where and how much energy is consumed and the accurate and complete recording of consumption data and environmental conditions.

VERSIMART is a radio-based mesh network solution that allows to log and transmit operational measured values, temperatures, energy consumption at certain time intervals and evaluate the collected data via VERILOG cloud solution. Due to cloud topology, access to all data in real time is guaranteed.

The collected data is summarized in an energy report once a year. The VeriSmart energy report dispatch the total consumption analysis on the determined period of time and thus helps optimization to develop tools and define the potential savings. In addition, the energy reports of several years' show an overview, if the set goals have been reached.


- VeriSmart radio nodes operate meter independent as plug & play solution
- VERISMART can process „old meters“ without external interface by a specially developed meter index scan-solution
- Due to mesh networking solution, a read-out rate of 100% can be ensured, which results in a complete energy monitoring
- VERiSMART is a battery powered solution, therefor no need of mains power.
- VERILOG cloud solution allows an access to collected data via Internet
- VERILOG alert management informs about leaks or high consumption immediately
- Weekly / Monthly / Yearly reports & statistics

Many years of experience in energy metering qualify VERAUT as a reliable partner for the future.

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