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Meter Independent


Independent Of Existing Infrastructure.
No Need Of Expensive PLC Infrastructure


Mesh-Network, 100 % read-out rate


Autonom Operation ; Battery Operated


Interfaces For Gas-/Water-/Heat-/Electricity

VERICOM - Smart Metering Solution

Flexible, proven, fast and interoperable Smart Metering solution infrastructure with VERICOM "Slotted MAC Mesh-Network" and/or VERICOM "wireless m-bus" protocol and VERICOM RF-hardware and VERICOM data concentrator for data communication via GPRS to existing IT-data center.

VERICOM solution does consist of:

vericom hardware

VERICOM Scenario

Mesh-Network Technology

What is a Mesh-Network? Mesh networking is a type of networking wherein each node in the network may act as an independent router. It allows for continuous connections and reconfiguration around broken or blocked paths by “hopping” from node to node until the destination is reached. Each radio node (VERICOM radio node) is able to give each other VERICOM radio node a piggyback-ride.

Mesh networks are self-healing: the network can still operate when one node breaks down or a connection goes bad. As a result, the network may typically be very reliable, as there is often more than one path between a source and a destination in the network.

Scarce resources such as computing time, energy and data rate require effective algorithms of the VERICOM radio nodes. Special routing algorithms with time slots for sending and receiving data ensure that the network adapts stable if nodes are added or fail .

Each VERICOM RF-Node is able to be repeater/router for each other. Being repeater does not influence battery lifetime.

Due to skillful arrangement of the time slots within the frame structure, the data usualy requires only one timeslot. Data may be forwarded/routed within 1 timeslot (Standard: 60 seconds) up to 5 hops (units).




Connection to different types of external Meters (Gas-/Water-/Heat-Meter)

Due to its modular hardware, VERAUT's radio-frequence nodes are mounted integrated or as add-on solution to existing types/brands of meters.

Available Interfaces to intelligent Smart Meters:

- M-BUS (30V) Master
- M-BUS Slave
- Serial ASCI (TTL)
- Serial RS232 TTL
- Reed-contact (Pulses)

Types of intelligent Smart-Meters already active in VERICOM field-operation:

Natural Gasmeter:
- ELSTER: Absolute Encoder SCR, Absolute Encoder SCR+, Absolute Encoder M-BUS, Absolute Encoder AE2
- FLONIDAN: Uniflo G4 family, GXS
- ITRON / ACTARIS: "e"-series
- Various Meters with reed-contact (pulses)

- SENSUS: Dynamic Hybrid, Residia, Householdmeter 620
- ENGELMANN WaterStar (warm-/coldwater)
- Various Meters with reed-contact (pulses)

- Landis&Gyr: Ultraheat 50, Ultraheat XS
- KAMSTRUP/RKG: Multical 401, Multical 601
- ENGELMANN SensoStar 2

- GLOBAL TRONICS (reading data / sending via VERICOM)
- KAMSTRUP 382 (reading data / sending via VERICOM)
- Meter with Reed-contact

- VERICOM GPRS-Data Concentrator
- Relay Datalogger with M-BUS

Router / Repeater Functionality / Distance Extension

Each VERICOM RF nodes can be repeater/router for all radio nodes within one network. Being repeater/router within the network will not have an influence on battery-lifetime of the VERICOM RF-nodes. Due to the fact of acting as repeater/router nearly every meter/difficult infrastructure is readable by e.g. placing one battery-powered RF-node as repeater/router.

By activating the VERICOM RF-node (plug-in of battery) the nodes will automatically start to search for a data-concentrator to connect to.
If 1 nodes failes to transmit data, the whole network will automatically look for a new way to reach the data-concentrator and route the data via new path.

Battery powered / Battery Lifetime

VERICOM RF-nodes are powered by Lithium Batteries with a self-discharge rate <2%.

When reading meter data hourly and RF-communication every minute, battery-lifetime is approx up to 15 years.

Depending on specific energy-provider situation all parameters could be changed to fit exactly to infrastructure/circumstances.

Bi-Directionality / Future-Proof

Due to its mesh-network funcitionality VERICOM rf-nodes are able to send data to a master node (data concentrator) and also send information backward to a single meter. (e.g. remote closing of built-in valve after receiving the signal from back office, etc)

With regard to future proof projects an eye should be kept on remote parameterization. With VERICOM solution parameters like storing intervalls (e.g. daily, hourly, 15-minutes) can be changed from distance. Nobody knows nowadays, what happens in 5, 10 or 15 years.



VERICOM - Roll-Out - Sample Calculation

Assuming a city with 50.000 citizen (150.000 meters) should be read via VERICOM solution.

Maybe approx. 7.500 stand-alone repeaters (5%) needed, due to bad infrastructure. (depending on city)

Not included in that sample calculation is the energy-meter itself, but any "cheap" smart meter can be chosen. (electricity, water, heat/cold, gas, etc.)

No additional "hidden" infrastructure investments needed (investments in transformer stations, cabeling, etc)

Only infrastructure costs: costs for SIM cards ; approx. EUR 5-10 / year

sample costs calculation

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Our Services

- Help & Support at project planning stage
- Consultation
- Development & Design of tailor made product
- Projectmanagement
- Turn Key Solution
- After Sales Support


Derfflingerstr. 14/C/3 , A-4020 Linz / Austria

Tel: +43 / 732 / 386361
Fax: +43 / 732 / 386361-20
Email: info[@]