VERIBOX-MINI is an innovative, ATEX ExZone1 certified, battery-powered automatic meter reading / remote data collecting unit, which logs data at user-defined intervals and sends collected meter data via GSM/GPRS to the backend IT-system at user-defined time intervals for wireless data retrieval and data-analysis.

VERIBOX-MINI can be connected to meters via digital, analogue, M-BUS, SCR/SCR+-Encoder or via serial interface (RS232,RS485)

In addition, VERIBOX-MINI is able to record alarms (over/underflow) and send that alerts immediately. (Leaks, High and Low Flows, Tampering, Pressure level change, etc)

VERIBOX-MINI can be used as a tool for settling usage disputes, demand studies, "real-time" billing, network optimisation right-sizing meters/distribution infrastructure and more.

VERIBOX-MINI is designed for ultra-low power applications with a battery-lifetime up to 12 years based on hourly storage and daily GSM/GPRS Transmission.

VERIBOX-MINI has been proven in field to be a reliable product installed in thousands in locations around the world.

Physical Interfaces:



Versions of GSM/GPRS Transmissions:

GSM Übertragungsvarianten

Versions of Energy-Supply:



  • Little Mounting Costs (Plug & Play)
  • ATEX Explosion-Zone 1 certified (TÜV-A 04 ATEX 0001X) , PTB-1.42 4029030
  • Remote firmware-update (GPRS) ; Remote parameter-configuration (SMS/GRPS)
  • Data Logger (in standard version: 256 KB - ~18.000 hourly figures) - non volatile memory
  • Meter manufacturer independent.
  • Configuration via VERIBOX-MINI-display, PC configuration software or remotely via SMS/GPRS
  • Immediate Information on Alarms (e.g. surpassing of hourly rates, Leaks, High and Low Flows, Tampering, Pressure limit, etc.)
  • etc...

VERILOG - Data Management Software:

VERILOG Softwareauswertung


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