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Oct. 2015 --- VERAUT's power plugs meter energy-consumption and data will be transmitted via VERICOM Solution.

Each power plug will be measured by VERICOM solution for exact consumption profiles for each power plug in a building.


Aug. 2015 --- ELSTER Electricity Meter AS3000 implemented

VERAUT GmbH implemented AS3000 electricity meter from ELSTER to its VERICOM solution. In a project with AS3000 meters, electricity, water, gas, heat can be monitored by VERICOM solution with low infrastructure costs.


June 2015 --- RS485 implemented

VERAUT GmbH implemented RS485 interface to read external devices via RS485.


Jan 2014 --- New analogue board for VERICOM solution

VERAUT GmbH is right now in production of its new add-on analogue board for VERIBOX/VERICOM soltuion. With this additional board, it is possible to read analogue meassuring devices. (e.g. pressure sensor , temperature sensors. (PT1000), etc). The e-board does offer 0-10V / 0-20mA and PT1000 input.


Nov 2013 --- Development of 169 MHz VERICOM Mesh-Network radio node

VERAUT GmbH is right now in production of new radio bandwith 169 MHz for its VERICOM Mesh-Network solution.



Oct 2015 --- 3G/4G engine implemented to VERIBOX-MINI

VERAUT GmbH launched its 3G/4G version of VERIBOX line of products. With 3G/4G VERAUT's AMR-solution is at latest state of data-loggers for hazardous areas.


Sep 2015 --- EVC PLUM

VERAUT GmbH started working on implementation of PLUM electronic volume corrector to implement to VERIBOX-MINI. With PLUM EVC VERAUT adds one more EVC to list of read-out able devices by VERIBOX-MINI. For a list of all EVCs implemented so far, please visit VERIBOX-MINI page.


Feb 2014 --- New ATEX certified battery pack (136 Ah)

VERAUT GmbH launched its new battery pack for VERIBOX line of products. With that ATEX ExZone1 certified battery VERIBOX will autonomly operate for up to 12 years (based on hourly storage and GSM/GPRS transmission once per day).



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