How to start VERICOM radio nodes?

just by plugging in the battery. VERICOM radio nodes will automatically search for network and log-in to existing network.
Proper radio communication is shown by LEDs.

What is the lifetime of VERICOM radio node battery?

Depending on the interfaces and configuration, lifetime of the battery is up to 15 years based on communication each minute. (calculated battery-lifetime: 23 years)


What is the lifetime of VERIBOX-MINI AMR solution?

Depending on the usewd interfaces, enviroment and configuration, lifetime of a standard doubl-pack battery is up to 5-6 years*. (calculated battery-lifetime: 10,8 years)
With ATEX certified 8-pack battery a battery lifetime of up to 12 years* can be achieved. (calculated battery-lifetime: 22 years)
* based on hourly storage interval and GSM transmission once per day.


Is it possible to use digital Inputs as "door contacts" ?

Yes, the digital inputs may be used as counters (pulse counting for meter values) and/or as switches (0n/Off)



Are products produced in China?

VERAUT GmbH believes that customers can only be satisfied by products that are working stable for several years. Therefor we trust in high quality products from the European Union. All our products are produced in Europe resp. Austria and Germany.


Does VERAUT GmbH offer tailor-made products ?

Yes, we at VERAUT GmbH think, that there is no "unique" products which fits each infrastructure. Therefor we do offer our standard solutions, but are also free to design & produce a tailor made solution for our customers.


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